The South European Center for Political Studies (CEPEL) is the only laboratory of political Science in South Eastern France. This joint research unit (UMR 5112) of the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) is hosted by the University of Montpellier. Founded in 1983, its work focuses on the comparative analysis of the transformation of democratic governments. While initially focused exclusively on the geographical area of Southern Europe, the CEPEL has extended its coverage to the “larger South” and North America.

Research themes for 2015-2019:

  • Recomposition of democratic governance
  • Transformations of citizens’ behavior
  • Public health and sustainable development: new governance challenges

The CEPEL team includes: 2 CNRS researchers, 16 research professors, 3 administrative staff and 23 Ph D Students. It is headed by Emmanuel Négrier, research director of the CNRS, doctor of Political Science and director of Pôle Sud, Journal of Political Science.

The CEPEL is a research unit who assist the bilingual master « Comparative Politics and Public Policy » within the faculty of law and political science of Montpellier University. Consequently, it has trained 28 doctors in political science of various nationalities during the last 5 years.