The Unit has been part of the scientific field of political science since its inception through its affiliation with Section 40 (Policy – Power – Organization) of the CNRS National Committee. The CEPEL is also linked to Section 36 (Sociology and Law Sciences). Sociologists are located within the historic buildings of the Faculty of Medicine. Of the 17 research teachers (7 PR and 10 MCF), 12 are attached to Section 04 (Political Science) of the CNU, 2 to Section 19 (Sociology, Demography), 1 to Section 20 (Ethnology), 1 to Section 17 (Philosophy) and 1 to Section 56.02 (epidemiology, prevention, health economics, legal odontology).The Public Health sector has gradually been strengthened, in particular by spontaneous requests from hospital practitioners (1 PH in 2018, 1 MCUPH in 2019) wishing to direct their scientific work towards the humanities and social sciences.The evolution of the CEPEL is in line with the scientific strategies of its trustees and was included, even before obtaining the I-SITE MUSE (1 January 2017), coordinated by the University of Montpellier, in the themes specific to the Montpelliérain site (nourishing – caring – protecting) while retaining its historical expertise in the field of public policy and comparison.