Stronger Peripheries

A Southern Coalition for Enhancing Participation in the Arts.

Contrat de collaboration dans le cadre d’un projet européen H2020.

Partenaires : Universitat de Barcelona

Montant CEPEL : 30 000€

Résumé :

STRONGER PERIPHERIES – A Southern Coalition for Enhancing Participation in the Arts (hereinafter referred to as ‘Stronger Peripheries’) is a long-term initiative targeted at strengthening the basis for the arts and culture in Southern European countries, specially focusing on participatory approaches and capacity-building. It relies on a sequence of tandem partnerships for artistic productions, implementing an extensive artistic programme involving the local populations in an innovative framework – the Nomad Communities. This creative process is strongly intertwined with the second axis of the project: a comprehensive capacity-building programme to enhance skills and competencies of the professionals in each participating country. Importantly, it gathers 17 organizations from 10 countries: all to some extent identifying with a loosely defined ‘Southern Europe’, all committed to fostering local engagement in the arts and all devoted to overcoming the obstacles in their specific contexts by increasing mutual cooperation – coming together under the informal network ‘ Southern Coalition’.
To reach those goals, the project will commission 13 artists to work within their communities about ‘work and happiness’, a topic we deem will trigger almost anyone’s attention, regardless of their cultural consumption habits or social background. It will provide for significant bonds between artists, audiences, local population and decision-makers through 32 residencies, 13 original performances and 26 Laboratories for Social Transformation, as well as through Nomad Communities – a participation mechanism that extends the benefits of mobility to local audiences and community leaders. It will do all this with a focus on the long-term: thus organizing a series of seminars, exchange programmes and deliberative workshops aimed at enhancing the capacity of those who will still be there after the project ends, in order to facilitate subsequent co-operation and multiply local impact. STRONGER PERIPHERIES connects locally-anchored practices in a European framework, overcoming isolation and boosting relevance for participatory models of audience engagement.

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